I will try my best to get back with you, no promises 

                                                                                ~  John-Bryan Hopkins

I am considered by many to be one of the original providers of information in social media related to food. Early 2006 my quest began to try and supply easily shot-form readable, sharable content. I never wanted to write long paragraphs about food facts or information. My belief is that quick, accurate, food information has a place in social media. In a world where food is communicated by personal experiences, ego or an abundances of recipes, I focused on a niche in the marketplace.  I had a nifty name too. So go ahead and contact me if you must. Good luck in getting my attention. My Address is at the bottom as well.

Submitting information to Foodimentary:




If I find anyone sending information to more than one ore two email addresses my service automatically send those addresses to my junk. I receive numerous emails daily and do not mind receiving emails submitted more than one within a couple of weeks apart. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, I say


Blogging Requests or Reviews from the Editor: 

My job is rather labor intensive and I can not promise that your information or book will be review. If I find something that is very interesting I will forward the information to people who are book buyers and others who are full-time book reviewers. They will either contact you or your publish and ask for a copy of the book for review. Like I said before, no promises.


Requesting further information from Foodimentary:

I try and provide as many resources possible for the information  found in my blogs and entries. many food holidays over the years I have created myself. Mainly because either the ‘day’s’ food is outdated or irrelevant that or the day had no associated hood holiday already assigned to it.  There is not an official council for food holidays and until very recently it was not considered import an enough to even have it’s own wikipedia page, which personally is far from accurate. My purpose is to procure the best food holiday for particular day, in season and relevant. Soon I will be creating an”obscure, retired and duplicate food holidays list” Case in point there are 4 supposed brownie day. It’s my duty to help calm the confusion, etc


Media Relations:

I seldom make seldom do appearances or travel for food related events. This not to ay I would not consider it though.  I have in the past been asked to provide interviews, television appearances, Skype conversations , or blurbs for interesting food related cookbooks.



I none of these above criteria do not fit please fill free to use this email address.




John-Bryan Hopkins

2250 Highland Avenue South

Birmingham, Al 35209

Yes,  Alabama

Where the creator of Wikipedia & the current CEO of Apple are from, just sayin’.