This is the first of what I hope will be many tales of good meals, good wines and good times all around!

My Journey is too celebrate foods all around.

Where else to start but at a place I treasure and I hope you will too, Bottega cafe side in Birmingham, Alabama.
Noted below is a little history and back ground.  Feel free to ask questions.  I hope to link as many things as I can for ease of use.
This is part of a meal which took place just days ago on a crisp fall day in September.
 T and I were the first ones there and that was just fine for us.   We had an effortless parking experience and while basking in the cool light of early fall we sauntered to a corner table on the patio. Within moments T had a martini ordered ,menu’s in hand, good food was on its way.
Starter: shared  the Roasted Peppers stuffed with Goat Cheese.
Wonderful dish for all seasons.  The peppers are precooked with the skins removed stuffed with Goat cheese then baked with bread crumbs, golden raisins and pine nuts. They are garnished with fresh basil chopped into ribbons, salt and olive oil.
The flavors and textures are wonderful and even better when shared.
Sweet peppers, creamy cheese, the added sweetness of raisins, the crunch of bread crumbs and the fresh tang of basil.  Flavors to set the mood for the great meal to come.
Lets do lunch shall we? The main course is ordered and ,look,  T got his martini(Kettle one Up with olives).  See you soon!
The Bottega Favorita, a grand limestone building, located on Highland Avenue. Near Five Points south and the Lakeside district.  The proper name is Bottega Italian Restaurant but locals know her as simply, Bottega.  She has a fine dining side for evenings and cafe dining for lunch, dinner, or just cocktails Monday through Saturday.

Frank Stitt’s first departure from his famed Highland’s Bar and Grill (actually not located on Highland Ave; did you know?)  in 1988.   His vision was to create an Italian restaurant using only what is local fresh.  Here it is 20 years later and it seems the world has caught up with him.  The mark of a true culinary  genius.

  The place gets better every time I come and I can’t wait for the seasons to change to see what new thing will appear on the menu or seasonal favorites to come back, telling you that  fall, winter, spring, or summer has arrived.