Hello again!

So T and I had a great starter and he was kind enough to let me finish the plate off.  He was such a gentleman.
 Actually, I virtually grabbed it from him but he was fine with that.  He was saving room for his course main course.  I think he may have out ordered me!
Main course:
T ordered Shrimp linguine in a lemon butter cream sauce
I ordered the Persian piadine, No.3 on the menu
  Bottega’s piadines are sandwiches  made with thin 10″ pizza crusts warmed in their wood fired oven just enough to be evenly cooked yet not hard.  Then an  herb salad is  placed on top, a choice of toppings, folded over and cut on the bias and served. They are like a full meal on a plate.   Not me.  We still got dessert!
 Other offered set’s are  tomato, basil and soft mozzarella cheese.  I think that is the No. 1 piadine  but I could be wrong about that.  My eye always goes to No.3. It changes the most.
 The last No.3 on the menu was crawfish and andouille sausage, a great summer combination.  The crawfish and spicy sausage were cooked in a red wine and cream sauce.  The flavors combined with a crisp herb salad always hit the spot.  Sometimes a mess to eat but gosh, darn it, worth the mess.  Every time I had one it reminded me of my moms spicy rue she made for gumbo.  The crawfish was always done just right and not rubbery or overcooked.  You could tell those little guys were just cooked for you.  Ah, Frank, your demand for culinary truth is applauded.
The mains arrived!
T’s plate passed by me on its way to the table and you could smell the rich sauce and the tang of warm lemons.  I was envious.
No.3 arrived though and I was perfectly satisfying.
The Persian consists of a salad of watercress, basil, dill sprigs and mint.  The remaining ingredients are thinly sliced cucumbers, scallions and radishes.  A little sherry vinaigrette, walnuts, feta cheese and a little olive oil finish off the set. I  picked it up and the warm bread mixed with the crunch of the cool inside were heaven   Boy, a lot of flavors going on in that little sandwich. Oh,  how they work together.
The light distinctive flavors and simple construction remind me of Mediterranean street food. A light satisfying dish.
T on the other hand had himself a little heaven on a plate.  The linguine was cooked just right, the flash fried shrimp and best of all the rich lemon infused butter sauce.  Oh the sauce.  I found myself finding the bread plate and remnants of my piadine just to taste it a few more times  until the server finally pried the plate from my grips.
 I had a little Gollum moment, “My Precious!”. Then I remembered something.  Dessert is on its way!
T had a business meal the night before at the restaurant side of Bottega and told me of the butterscotch pot de creme.  He said it was not something he would usually have ordered but he has set a goal to order new things lately and it payed off.   It was the first thing he spoke of when he came home.
Goal of the next day: Butterscotch.
T ordered a double espresso and dessert is on it’s way!  Let’s do desert shall we?

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