“So I hear y’all had butterscotch pot de creme last night.  Any left over?” I asked upon being seated on the sunlit patio of Bottegacafe.

“I’ll go ask Dol, I think we ran out but she’s making a new batch right now.” replied the ever so polite server.
T and I conversed about how pretty a day it was.  The sun was out but the air was crisp and fall like.  Drinks were ordered. All was well.
I gave a cursory view of the menu to see what was new or interesting.
A moment later came the server with libations and good news.
“Doll said they are done but they haven’t set yet.  Give it at least 15 minutes to cool down.”
“I’ll take one!”
So one asks one’s self:  “Is lunch really THAT necessary when you know that two servings of butterscotch might be just as filling?”
“Oh, and they are served in Martini glasses today.” The server said as she turned to go put in our order.
T and I looked at one another.  I raised my glass in cheers and said.  “Even better!”
Lunch passed pleasantly as you can see in my previous blog entries.
The table was cleared of all the plates.  T ordered a double espresso and the server didn’t even have to ask again about dessert!
What you see before you appeared.
Butterscotch pot de creme topped with fresh whipped heavy cream.
I grabbed a spoon and readied myself for the perfect bite. T snagged the biscotti, perfect for his espresso.  The rest was all mine.
The butterscotch was as wonderful as anticipated .  Creamy texture and rich buttery flavor.  It was just sweet enough but what surprised me most of all was that  the sweetness came from molasses.
I think  in retrospect how it would be an obvious choice!  Molasses is a southern staple but never would have I thought to use it in Buterscotch.  I guess thats why Frank hired Dol Miles as his pastry chef for over 20 years.
She knows how to deliver an honest dessert, with southern roots, and she always satisfies.
The check was paid.
We said our goodbyes to Bottega and as we got in the car T and I looked at one another once more, smiled and quietly knew.  This meal goes down as one of Those meals you will always remember.
Thanks to Frank, Dol, and all you guys atBottega.
See y’all next week. Save us that corner table!
And Dol….slip me that recipe when you have time.  I’d have  seconds right now if I could!

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