So, one of my vices is Hummingbird cake. I can remember having a piece at my great aunt’s house as a kid.  Like it was yesterday.  It’s allspice and fruity cake with cream cheese icing. Uniquely Southern.

My favorite place for Hummingbird cake is Grey House Grille in Homewood city center.
It is served on a chilled plate atop a rich Creme en glaze.  The icing is cream cheese and walnut. The cake is sweetened with bananas, pineapple, and coconut.  
You can taste the spice of Cinnamon and the texture of walnuts. 
A joy to the mouth.  Like it came out of your  granny’s kitchen.
Does anyone have a good recipe?
I can’t seem to find any history on the cake.  I wonder how it became such a Southern staple?
Today’s food quote:
“”…..sharing food at (a) table is ultimately about sharing one’s love of life”-  Frank Stitt 

This is completely off the subject but, Grey House Grille may have the best French Fries in Birmingham.   Homewood at least!
I may need to go order a fresh warm batch of fries and ketchup soon.  I’ll get back with you about that.
See you soon! Y’all!