I love eating out.  Some restaurants offer things to snack on while waiting to order.  I like this part of the meal.  It offers a chance to see the quality of the food offered. 

Chips and salsa, warm bread and butter,or (here in the South) cornbread…..
I hate a cold, stale bread basket.  The bread needs to be warm, at least. I like room-temperature salted butter.  No ice-cold butter or rubbery bread for me. Ew.
My favorite set, if offered, is warm sourdough bread and rich, virgin olive oil.  I like to add sea salt ,if offered, and cracked pepper.  Yum!  
Anything to make the meal take longer.
I went somewhere and they offered fried pickles, no batter,  like potato chips only  …. pickles.  
What is your favorite or weirdest offering?
Question of the day:

What do you call this “course” you get upon being seated at a restaurant?
Quote of the day:

“The hunger for love is much more difficult than the hunger for bread.”
Mother Terresa of Calcutta