In the center of the hustle and bustle of traffic, hundreds of people on the streets walking to and fro around Rockefeller Center, I notices a group of shivering, yet excited people creating a line and peeking into the window of a little corner bakery.  

T and I were in a hurry to get somewhere but, I had to stop and see what all the fuss was about.
Through the window, I could see art in motion;  the cooling and icing of fresh red velvet cupcakes.  The sign read Magnolia Bakery.  
You had me at Magnolia!  I imagined my apron adorned Great Aunt baking in her little 1950’s kitchen in Crestwood.  The joy of liking the bowl of leftover red batter and sneaking a taste of the warm cream cheese icing.  I was 5 years old all over again!  The big city didn’t seem so foreign any more.    
I had to have one of those. I was coming back!
It took me two days but, I gladly found myself standing in line and ordering two,  T had to try one too!  The cakes were wonderful looking and the place smelled of flour, sugar and a warm baked cake smell.  
It was funny that in such an impersonal city as New York, that  people in line were brought to talk to their line mates as if they were neighbors of close friends. “The chocolate one is my favorite.” a well dressed lady said to me out of the blue.  That , I tell you is a sign of a powerful brand.  We had all felt that moment or our youth!
The cupcakes were delicious and a must for every trip to the Big Apple, now
I bought the book, More from Magnolia, and now am consuming its contents as if it were the latest Harry Potter.  
I will get back with you about what I find.
I may need to create a Halloween concoction for trick or treaters.  Who knows, maybe I will find an excuseto do it today.  Is it anyone’s birthday? 
Talem the cat’s? 
Glad to be getting back on the wagon and blogging after a short hiatus.
I have so many stories and interesting things I have discovered in my short absence, so keep coming back.
Next stop!  Southerners do New York of course!