Today is a great day for a club sandwitch, don’t you think?

I like mine with toasted white bread, thick-sliced smoked turkey (dark meat, please), crispy, thick-cut smoked bacon, ripe heirloom tomatoes, mayonnaise, and butter lettuce.

Layer twice to make two a double-decker, cut on the bias with a side of fries—I would consider that heaven on a plate!

The club sandwich you see here was served at Quarto in the Four Seasons Houston.

My favorite place for a good club sandwich is Sam’s Super Sandwiches in Homewood on 18th Street. A little greasy and hold the fries (potato chips only), but so good.

What’s your favorite variation?

Question of the day:

Where did the club sandwich come from?

Quote of the day:

“[The club sandwich] is one of the great sandwiches of all time, and has swept its way around the world after an American beginning. Nowadays the sandwich is bastardized because it is usually made as a three-decker, which is not authentic (whoever started that horror should be forced to eat three-deckers three times a day the rest of his life). And nowadays practically everyone uses turkey, and there’s a vast difference between turkey and chicken where sandwiches are concerned.” ~ James Beard, legendary chef