I loved this place!  A friend of mine said that in the 50’s and early 60’s this room was used as a barber shop.

I am including a description found on the Hermitage website. 

Adjacent to the Capitol Grille, the Oak Bar has been lovingly restored to its original beauty, and continues to offer a private and relaxing ambiance for nourishment of the senses and the spirit. The extensive wine list and unique environment has often earned it the title of “best bar in Nashville.” The Oak Bar played a significant role in the hotel’s history — The Francis Craig Orchestra entertained Nashvillians from the Oak Bar and The Capitol Grille from 1929 to 1945, the longest running hotel gig on the books. Craig’s orchestra was also the first to broadcast over WSM and enjoyed phenomenal success with a 12-year show that was aired over the entire NBC network. In 1949, he introduced a newcomer, Dinah Shore, who entertained his audience with a new song entitled, “Near You.”

The Oak Bar serves drinks and a casual dining menu from 11:30 am Monday through Saturday and from noon on Sunday.