Their omelets are always fresh with local ingredients and never greasy 
Thier smoked bacon is crisp and the pancakes are just like home
The atmosphere is low key, feels like home
I love City Hall Diner.  There isn’t another place in the Birmingham area that treats breakfast as an are form.  
Below is the story found on City Hall Diner’s website
This says it all!

City Hall Diner is located in Beautiful Vestavia Hills, Alabama next to City Hall.

We wanted a breakfast and lunch place.  We’ve wanted a breakfast and lunch place since the 80’s, when we met a man in Florida who had one and we always coveted it.  Nights off with our family is a dream come true for restaurant lifers like us.   But now we’ll be open at dinnertime too, Thursday through Saturday until 9:00 pm.

A couple of things I’ve learned in my career have stuck with me.  First, the food has to be good, or why bother?  And along these lines, we work very hard to purchase the best raw products and we have a lot of confidence in our ability to prepare them.

Second, if the food doesn’t make it to the table in a timely fashion, it’s not going to matter how good it is.  Especially at breakfast and lunch.  In other words, the service had better be quick and friendly.  Servers should be knowledgeable and helpful.  So ours will be.

Some of you know us and we hope you’ll visit.  Some of you we haven’t met yet, and we hope you’ll visit too.  And we’re pretty sure that the food and the service and the overall feelings of joy and coolness will entice you to return often.

We also cater; give us a call to talk about your event