I have had the privilege to have 3 Kittinger arm chairs said to have come from the original Tutwiller Hotel in Birmingham. I say original because the building was raised over 30 years ago and resurrected at a new location.

At one time The Tutwiller was considered one of the best hotels in the South-East but, I digress.

These chairs were designed for the White House Roosevelt room and have been in use ever since.

We consider them to be one of our prized items of the house. New they retail for somewhere in the 3 to 5 thousand range but I promise, I did not pay near that.

I have a problem though. Decoration and function are colliding and I can feel it! In my back.

I may have to retire one of these guys to a spare room for a more ergonomic chair.

I guess 6-8 hour sittings at a time slumped over a keyboard was not exactly what they were thinking when they designed these so…Mr President I feel your pain