The 18ft walnut island was where we decided to store
all of the necessary cutlery and such.
“The basics” for the kitchen.
If you haven’t already noticed I am a bit of a hoarder,
although I am rather systematic & specific in most things I choose to collect.

Let’s take a Look-See in my cutlery drawers, shall we?My mother’s wedding pattern
Pewter International Fairfield.
This is the fork I use for my Foodimentary symbol.
Top drawer “A place for everything and everything in it’s place, I say!”

Lots of serving spoons & forks
Yes, chop sticks are serving pieces
Ancestral pattern cutlery is a bit of an obsession of mine.

About 15 years ago I went to an estate sale and bought two boxes of “junk” cutlery.
After sifting through hundreds of aluminum
and plastic forks I realized the bottom of the boxes were filled with
bundles of something wrapped in 1940’s newspaper.

Those bundles turned out to be 16 place setting of Ancestral silver.
I have treasured them ever since.

I have hence learned that the pattern was rather popular in
the 20’s through the 40’s.
The pattern was advertised in magazines with
“Custom” monograms

After 200 place settings of unmonogrammed
“T” said I might want to slow down

So occasionally I will come across a monogrammed set

Let’s see…I have
“T”, “F”, “J”, “B”, “S”, “H”, & “I” so far…

Wouldn’t it be neat to find “X” or “Z”?

“Be specific” right?