This is some of the copper sauce pans…
most are unpolished or not used since they have been re-tinned…
These, of course, are my favorites
It is interesting to think that a kitchen of this size can work without any upper cabinets.  Thank goodness we had many months to work on it’s storage needs.

Inch by inch I remember measuring everything I had and making sure there would be room.

Our next “project” will be a 14ft iron rack which will hang above the island centered beneath the copper skylight.

I am jazzed.
Martha Stewart has often had
huge racks over her islands.  I want one too!
With all of the extra copper sets or pots, pans, colanders and other various cookware. I think it will make the kitchen more finished.  There are a dozen or so boxes of unused kitchen collectible that have not seen the light of day in years…
I think it will add a visual balance to the kitchen.  The pantry and the china room both have a since of order, I would like to add that to THIS kitchen, not just the hidden parts

then again there are times it looks just fine with me…

Next stop…My pass-thru fridge and a game called what’s behind that door?