With many varieties to scallop preparation, the selection of the type of scallop may be the most significant step you make in choosing to prepare a meal with this highly regarding seafood. Understanding the structure and development of scallops, the difference between the two major types; bay and sea, and identifying levels of freshness will prepare you to become the seafood culinary expert.

Scallops have been highly regarded as not only a culinary treat but also as a significant piece of decore. With beautiful shells, the scallop is a bi-valve mollusk which uses an oversized adductor muscle to open and close. It is this muscle, within the shell, that we routinely consume in the United States.

Baked scallops are a favorite treat of people everywhere, being delicious to eat, beautiful to look upon, and simple to repair. They usually require little more than butter and garlic, and perhaps a few herbs to make them complete, and they make an excellent topping on almost any pasta.