Food books, cookbooks, even food memoirs, arrive on my desk daily. Most end up being piled in stacks marked; interesting, not interesting, and, the biggest pile, redundant. This being said you might find it surprising that Foodimentary would pick a best selling, food network superstar on the top of our Summer reading list. Emeril Lagasse’s Farm to Fork, Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh is simply well done. Recipes to live by with simple to make and—best of all—an honest, easy approach to shopping seasonal fruits, meats and vegetable.
HarperStudio, Lagasse’s “boutique” publisher says it all:

“Farm to Fork, Emeril’s new series of cookbooks, brings out the “green” in Emeril with recipes that will inspire cooks, new and old, to utilize organic and locally-grown produce. Emeril gets his hands dirty and brings the farm to you—he’ll show you not only how to whip up a delicious meal, but also how to take advantage of local seasonal ingredients, which will keep you eating fresh and healthy foods throughout the year. Whether you’re an environmentally conscious eater or simply someone who loves great food, Farm to Fork bridges the gap from bud-sprout to supermarket, giving you a deeper understanding of our modern day food chain while teaching you how to make the most of the fresh ingredients found at your local farmers market.”
The “Have to” recipe to try: Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter, simple, in season, and oh so good.

Emeril, You had me at “Bam.”