This was always intended as a site for the true everyman foodie.  Foodimentary is not for the person who uses food as a means of feeling superior to others, sneering as they drive by a McDonald’s.  Foodimentary is for the person who quite simply takes joy in the act of eating.  This is not in the way the glutton takes joy, where eating is the joy.  A Foodimentarian takes joy in what they are eating.  We may eat at McDonald’s, but it will be a conscious and premeditated choice made intentionally to reconnect with a childhood memory, or quite simply to build an appreciation for the delicate science of designing a mass-producible meal.  A Foodimentarian derives great joy from a farmer’s market.  When we look at a random collection of fresh ingredients, our brains jump into gear in much the way I imagine a Chemist’s does as he observes the Periodic Table.  Flavors, portions, combination, qualities, all sorts of factors play around in our heads as we imagine an ideal meal, which isn’t to say we could necessarily cook it.  We are not chefs.  We are simply grateful for the gift of food, and we never take that gift for granted.  Today is a day for celebrating food.  Don’t miss a chance!