Frappé, from the French frapper meaning to strike or hit, is used in English to refer to various uses of crushed ice, including:

  • A milkshake in the coastal New England and some New York City dialects of American English (often spelled frappe and pronounced without the second syllable, as “frap”)
  • A milkshake in many European countries.
  • Greek frappé coffee a foam-covered cold coffee
  • In Australia, a non-dairy fruit and ice blender drink
  • Le temps frappé, a French term for musical downbeat
  • Frappe, Italian fried dough dessert known as Sfrappole in some regions
  • An iced coffee offered by McCafé
  • the word frappe should not be confused with ‘glace'(chilled)or ‘on the rocks'(with ice cubes);it means’served with finely crushed ice’.