Deviled eggs or eggs mimosa are hard-boiled eggs cut in half and filled with the hard-boiled egg’s yolk mixed with different ingredients. Deviled eggs are usually served cold. They are served as a side dish, appetizer or a main course, and are a common holiday or party food.The deviled egg originated in ancient Rome according to the show The Secret Life Of…. They are still popular across the continent of Europe. In France they are called œuf mimosa; in Hungary, töltött tojás vagy kaszinó tojás; in Romania, ouă umplute (“stuffed eggs”); in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, where they are usually filled with caviar and served in rémoulade sauce, they are known as “Russian Eggs” (a title that comes from the presence of the caviar). Deviled eggs are a common dish in the United States. In the Midwestern and Southern U.S., they are commonly served as hors d’oeuvres before a full meal is served, often during the summer months. Deviled eggs are so popular in the United States that special carrying trays are sold specifically for them. Prepared and packaged deviled eggs are now available in some U.S. supermarkets. In the UK they would be known as devilled eggs in order that their name be pronounced to rhyme with ‘filled’ rather than ‘defiled’.