Female asparagus stalks are plumper than male stalks.

It is the greener (or whiter) asparagus that are more tender, not the thin ones.

Asparagus do not store well at all. Use the same day, or within 3 days.

Asparagus can be served cold with your favorite low-fat dressing or can be added to any salad. It can also be served as a tasty treat with fresh lemon juice. Steamed asparagus is always a nice addition to any meal, and any leftovers can be used to create delicious soup.

Asparagus are generally available from mid-February through June, with peak season from April to June.
When buying asparagus, look for closed, compact tips, smooth, round spears and a fresh appearance.  Most of the spear should be a rich green color, and should be tender as far down as the green color extends.

Be sure to avoid asparagus where the tips that are open and spread out, moldy or decayed, and spears that are ribbed. Also avoid sandy asparagus, because it is hard to clean the tips of sand by washing.

When selecting asparagus, allow approximately 1/2 pound per serving. One pound will about 14 spears, 9 to 10 inches long and 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick.

To store it, refrigerate asparagus standing upright in a container or water. This keeps the spears fresh and crisp. If this isn’t possible, wrap the asparagus at the base with a damp towel. Use as soon as possible. Asparagus will keep in the refrigerator three to five days.