Bagels with lox and cream cheese are perfect brunch treats, particularly for special mornings such as Fathers’ Day, birthdays or guest visits.  The recipe is simple.  Get your favorite style of bagel (for me, this recipe works best with plain), slather a generous portion of cream cheese on it (if you’re dieting, you may want to be sparing, but for flavor have plenty!), and add on some nice gently cooked salmon.  You’ve got it!  A delicious and filling snack that’s easy to make.  If you’re a sushi lover, you may want to try some raw, sashimi grade salmon here.  The sashimi-style bagel and lox is especially delicious.  Remember, raw meats can be dangerous if not handled and prepared properly.  If you’re not sure if your meat’s okay, assume it’s not!  Also remember that it’s okay to zest this recipe up with tomatoes, capers, or various spices as you like!