National “Have a Brownie” Day

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

  • 1775 English author and poet Charles Lamb was born.
  • 1835 Victor Hensen was born. An oceanographer, he coined the name ‘plankton’ for the tiny organisms in found water. Practically all animal life in the sea is ultimately dependent on plankton.
  • 1846 Ira Remsen was born. He was an American chemist, co-discoverer of saccharin, the artificial sweetener.
  • 1933 The Postal Telegraph Co. of New York City delivers the first singing telegram.
  • 1944 Author Frances Moore Lappe was born. She is the author of the best selling ‘Diet for a Small Planet’ (1971) which indirectly encouraged a vegetarian diet, by demonstrating that raising animals for food was an extremely wasteful use of resources. Also: ‘World Hunger: 12 Myths’, ‘Food First’, ‘Taking Population Seriously’. etc.
  • 1945 The Andrews Sisters recording of ‘Rum and Coca Cola’ hit #1 on the popular music charts.
  • 1957 The ‘Styrofoam’ cooler was invented.

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