National Peanut Cluster Day

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1824 Jean Jacques Regis de Cambaceres died.  A French politician and gourmet, a contemporary and rival of Talleyrand and Carême.  The dinners he gave were famous, and Cambaceres closely supervised the food preparation.  He refused to admit late-comers, and was also said to have demanded complete silence while dining. (Freud would have liked to meet him!)

1902 Tom Blake was born. The inventor of the modern surf board.
1923 The Coca Cola 6 bottle carton was introduced.

1941 American author Sherwood Anderson supposedly swallowed a toothpick or a swizzle stick while at a cocktail party in the Panama Canal Zone, and died of peritonitis.

1992 Christian K. Nelson inventor of the Eskimo Pie died at age 98.