National Wine Day

Today’s Food History

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1789 Anders Dahl died. A renowned Swedish botanist, the Dahlia flower was named for him.

1877 Minnesota’s $1.00 per bushel bounty on grasshopper eggs expires. The state had experienced a 4 year grasshopper (locust) plague.

1882 The first frozen mutton from New Zealand arrived in Britain

1973 Wrexham Asda supermarket opened in the U.K.

1986 Six million Americans participate in ‘Hand Across America’ by holding hands and singing across 4,150 miles of road in support of the hungry and homeless.

2007 Coca Cola created a 3,000 gallon, 15 foot high ice cream float with Vanilla Coke and ice cream, and set a new world record for the largest ice cream float.  The float was certified as drinkable by health inspectors, but it was disposed of by a garbage company.  Coke also held the previous record from 1998 with a 2,085 gallon float.