National Rocky Road Day

Today’s Food History

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1851 Maine was the first state to ban alcohol.

1886 U.S. President Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom, with the ceremony taking place in the White House. Cleveland is the only President to be married in the White House.

1920 ‘Chili Bean’ was recorded by Frank Crumit and the Pauld Biese Trio.

1928 Velveeta Cheese was created by Kraft. It was packaged in a tin-foil lined wooden box. When melted, it was as smooth as velvet, hence its name.

1970 Eight species of whale were placed on the Endangered Species List.

1972 ‘The Candy Man’ by Sammy Davis Jr. is #1 on the charts.

2003 The USDA declared that frozen, batter coated french fries are fresh vegetables.¬† A federal judge upheld the rule in June, 2004, declaring that the term “fresh vegetables” was ambiguous.
In 1981 the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) had unsuccessfully tried to classify ketchup and pickle relish as vegetables. Public protest caused them to drop the idea.

2009 Food Fight News: Five students were arrested and taken away in handcuffs after a yogurt and taco salad food fight at a Portage, Wisconsin high school.