National Strawberry Parfait Day

Today’s Food History

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1630 Massachusetts Bay colony governor John Winthrop supposedly introduced the fork to American dining.

1867 Barbed wire was patented by Lucien B Smith of Kent, Ohio.

1938 The new Federal minimum wage law guaranteed workers 40¢ per hour.

1951 Pabst aired the 1st color beer commercial on TV

1971 Sir John Boyd Orr died. A Scottish scientist and nutrition expert, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to eliminate world hunger.

1974 The first checkout scanner was installed in a supermarket.

1994 The London Times reported a previously unknown species of mammal was discovered in Vietnam, the Vu Quang Ox. It was the first discovery of a new large mammal since the Okapi in 1910. The ox is thought to inhabit an area along the Vietnam-Laos border.

1997 Jacques-Yves Cousteau died. Ocean explorer, marine biologist. Co-inventor of the aqualung.