National Orange Blossom Day

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1615 The first tea is imported to the west

1850 Lafcadio Hearn was born. (Patricio Lafcadio Tessima Hearn). A writer, translator and teacher, her wrote ‘La Cuisine Creole,’ the first Creole cookbook.

1893 ‘Happy Birthday to You’ was first published.

1907 Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz died. An American naturalist, co-founder with her husband (Louis Agassiz), of the Anderson School of Natural History. She was also the first president of Radcliffe College.

1970 ‘Vitamin C’ was born. ‘Vitamin C’ is the stage name of singer, actress, Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick.

2001 Actor Jack Lemmon died. A couple of his film titles: ‘The Fortune Cookie,’ and ‘Days of Wine and Roses.’