Events of August 26

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1728 Johann Heinrich Lambert was born. He proved that Apple pie was irrational.¬† Oops – never mind – that was ‘pi’ that he proved was an irrational number.

1784 Stephen McCormick was born. Inventor and manufacturer of cast iron plow with removable parts.

1800 Felix Archimede Pouchet was born. A French naturalist, he was one of those who believed that life was created from nonliving matter in processes such as fermentation and putrification. Those flies and maggots, fungi, yeast and bacteria just appeared from nowhere. (He was wrong.)

1946 George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ was published.

1972 ‘Coconut’ by Nilsson reached number 8 on the charts.

1978 Frankie Valli’s ‘Grease’ reached number 1 on the charts.