Today’s Food History

National Candy Cane Day

1620 The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock on the ‘Mayflower.’

1792 Charles Babbage was born. He invented the adding machine, and among his other inventions is the cowcatcher, the V shaped front end on locomotives.

1850 Territorial Governor Alexander Ramsey declares Minnesota’s first Thanksgiving Day.

1865 James H. Mason received the first U.S. patent for a coffee percolator.

1903 Elisha Cook Jr. was born. A well known character actor in films and TV. I remember him most as Wilmer, in the ‘Maltese Falcon’.

1931 Melvil Dewey died. He created the Dewey Decimal Classification system for cataloging library books.

1982 The ‘Time’ magazine Man of the Year was the personal computer.

2004 A massive earthquake near Sumatra caused a tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean from Indonesia to Africa. It was one of the worst natural disasters in modern history. Over 220,000 died, and millions were left homeless.

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