Valintine’s Day is upon us. Could there be a BETTER time to stock up on the foods of love.

Daily Quote: Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.

Here are the Five Food Finds of Love

  • Champagne: considered for centuries the “drink of lovers”  It lowers your inhibitions and causes a ‘warm glow’ in the body.
  • Chocolate: containing sedatives, lowering inhibitions and stimulants to increase physical desire. Did you know chocolate was banned in some convents and monasteries for centuries?
  • The aroma of love: the perfumes of almonds and vanilla are natural pheromones that help communicate emotions via smell.
  • Oysters: Studies are mixed but many believe that since oysters change their sex from male to female and back again during their lifetimes, helps to appeal to both sexes, the masculine AND feminine sides of love.
  • Unlikely but true, Asparagus: Throughout the centuries, asparagus has been served to bridegrooms because of their claimed aphrodisiac powers. Some have said even wedding cakes were made of asparagus or decorated with asparagus themes.

 Happy Valintiene’s Day


John-Bryan Hopkins, the @Foodimentary Guy