I am a life-long Southerner, and I have to say that biscuits are breakfast staple!

I like a warm, fresh buttermilk biscuit with a spicy sausage patty and a shot of hot sauce.  I want my biscuit crisp on the top and bottom and tender in the middle.

Now you can have a bad biscuit:  They can be too dry, doughy and under cooked, or — worst of all — burned on the bottom.

I’ll never forget a visit to my Yankee aunt’s house.  Bless her heart, she decided to cook me a “Southern” breakfast.

The biscuits were starchy and burned on the bottom.  Someone forgot to tell her how to season her iron skillet.  The sausage patty was like biting into a greasy hockey puck.  I won’t even tell you what the grits were like.  I try to block it out.  It was bad.

Being the true Southerner that I am (you fellow Southerners know what I’m talking about) I just smiled and chewed and tried my best to look like I was eating manna from Heaven.  There was no dog to slip the biscuit to.  I don’t think a dog would have been interested.

There are all kinds of biscuit combinations:

You can put jelly on them, bacon on them, gravy on them, ham on them, eggs on them, sausage on them, chicken on them, steak on them… I feel like Bubba Blue! I don’t think “scrimps” and biscuits mix for breakfast though.

So what kind of biscuit do YOU like for breakfast?

Heck, down here we can have them any time!

You can have biscuits on the side with fried chicken, with vegetable soup, use them as dumplings… Stop me!