Across the South grocery stores are introducing a Mexican product that is reaching cult status. A product as American as well… Coca-Cola.  Only this time more “authentic” than the ones you can buy in your local corner mart or vending machine.  Mexican Coke’s main appeal is not only the old fashioned bottle and logo but, it’s use of real sugar as a primary sweetener.

Since the early 1980’s most American colas changed their primary sweetener from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup.  This move was in part to save money as well as insure a longer more stable shelf life. Seems there is a growing segment of the population is now calling out for “old glory” in the form of a Mexican bottle import.  I thought it was about time I did a taste test of my own to see the difference.

It took me a while to rustle up a REAL Mexican Coke, seems my local grocery store had sold out.  The manager said that if a case comes in it only lasts a day or so even though the asking price is well over 2 bucks a pop.  I quickly Googled to find my local Mexican Market and off I went in search of this illusive soda.

Within the hour the deed was done.  The taste test was soon to begin.  What will the verdict be?  I bought canned, small bottled and classic hourglass bottled locally canned Coke and my Mexican half liter counterpart.

Four glasses were lined like soldiers filled with ice in equal measure ready for inspection.  Filling each glass and camera in hand I started the test. The US canned and bottled came first. They went in smoothly with tiny fizz, leaving a froth at the top. The Mexican contender was next. Low and behold the pour was different.  The fizz bubbles were larger and the froth subsided within seconds of pouring.  I was witnessing my first difference here. Now for the tasting.

I go through about a six pack of bottled Coca-Cola a week and usually buy the smaller, 8 oz., hourglass shaped ones.  I realized long ago a difference in flavor from the canned.  Today was no different.

The canned had a “tinny” metallic taste. The US glass bottled tasted like the Coke I was used to, with the sweet caramel flavor that is so familiar.  Next I moved on to the Mexican version.  The familiar cola taste was there, but there was something more.  The sweetness was richer delivering a subtle yet noticeable flavor difference. I liked it.


Well it’s not as easy as that.  There was a difference and I liked it but not enough to drive across town every week.  If you get a change try your own taste test and let me know what you think.

So final score: Mexican Coke wins slightly behind the classic bottled US Coke and in last place the aluminum canned version.

I just ordered online “Kosher” Coke.  Seems during Passover many faiths do not eat grain.  That means no corn products.  Wonder what it tastes like?