National “Eat Like an Irishman” Day

Also St. Patrick’s Day!

Five Food Finds about Irish Cuisine

  • In 2010, the average Irish person aged 15+ drank 11.9 litres of pure alcohol, according to provisional data. That’s the equivalent of about 44 bottles of vodka, 470 pints or 124 bottles of wine.
  • There is a famous Irish dessert known as Drisheen, a surprisingly delicious black pudding.
  • Traditional dishes include Irish stew, coddle, and Irish breakfast.
  • The leprechaun, famous to Ireland, is said to grant wishes to those who can catch them.
  • The first fish and chips was served in Dublin in the 1880’s by Italian imigrants.

Daily Food Quote

“Only Irish Coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fat.”
Alex Levine

Today’s Food History

on this day…

  • 1751 Anders Dahl was born. A renowned Swedish botanist, the Dahlia flower was named for him.
  • 1845 Stephen Perry received a patent for the rubber band. It was made from vulcanized rubber.
  • 1864 Work began on a 2 mile long, 5 foot diameter, water supply tunnel for Chicago. It was completed in 1867.
  • 1944 John Sebastian of the music group ‘Loving Spoonful’ was born.
  • 1967 Billy Corgan of the music group ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ was born.