National Soylent Green Day

Soylent Green is the original “people” food for the masses.  The Soylent Green Biscuit Co’s famous snack has been a cult classic since its inception in 1973.  People everywhere were delighted to have this affordable snack that “tastes just like grandmas.”

When April 1st heralds the coming of spring, I always think fondly of Soylent Green.

-Charlton Heston

Five Food Finds about Soylent Green

  • Soylent Green, introduced 1966, is usually considered the original “green” food.
  • It was first marketed as a, “Miracle food of high-energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world.”
  • Throughout the years the company has adopted many slogans:
    • “Food for the people, by the people.”
    • “Make room, make room for green.”
    • “It’s easy being green.”
    • “You’re in good hands with Soylent.”
  • You can find many recipes for homemade Soylent Green, but there’s nothing like the real thing.
  • It is said that Charlton Heston was this snack’s #1 fan, keeping mass quantities in his home.
  • The Soylent Green Biscuit Co. is planning on world distribution by 2022.
All in fun! Happy April 1st

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