Here are today’s five thing to know about Noodle Ring:

  1. A noodle Ring is a dish of pasta, cheese, eggs cooked in a ring mold.
  2. Common fillings for the center of the ring includes creamed chicken, vegetables or other ingredients of your choice.
  3. Any kind of pasta can be used for making noodle ring.
  4. Creating a pasta ‘nest’ with a cooked food center has been around for centuries.
  5. One of the mid-century recipes of noodle ring is from The American Women’s Cook Book, which was published in 1948.


Today’s Pinterest Board : Vintage Noodle Ring Recipes


Today’s Food History

  • 1686 Prince Louis II de Condé, known as the Great Condé, died. He was a French general who loved to hunt and had a passion for rice. Several dishes have been named for him, including Consommé Condé and Creme Condé.
  • 1874 James Lewis Kraft was born. Founder of Kraft Co. a wholesale cheese distributor and producer. In 1916 he patented pasteurized process cheese, a low cost cheese that would not spoil. Not a great hit with the public, but the U.S. army purchased over 6 million tins of it during WW I. During the depression, it became popular because of its low cost.
  • 1940 David Gates of the music group ‘Bread’ was born.