National Sangria Day

Five Food Finds about Sangria

  • Sangria is not a cocktail with a specific recipe. Sangria makes cheap wine, as well as other inexpensive and easily accessible ingredients, taste better and eases the consumption.
  • Sangria in the Spanish language means ‘bloody’
  • The country with the highest per-capita wine consumption in the world is…. wait for it…. Vatican City.
  • The word Alcohol is derived from the Arabic language (al kohl or alkuhl). Strange consider that a large proportion of the Arabic population is forbidden from consuming alcohol for religious reasons.
  • Poor soil quality tends to produce better wines. The trick is to “challenge” the vines by making them “work” harder.

divtToday’s Food History

1928 Harry Ramsden opened what would become the most famous fish and chips restaurant in the world.

1968 John Steinbeck died. American novelist, some of his titles were: ‘The Grapes of Wrath,’ ‘Tortilla Flats’ and ‘Cannery Row.’