Here are today’s five thing to know about Frappes:

  1. Consumers have been customizing unique frappes since their inception, with popular and trendy recipes such as the Absinthe frappe, popular in New Orleans.
  2. Celebrities like Britney Spears have helped to popularize the appeal of these specialty, ice-blended drinks, always being photographed with a cool beverage in hand.
  3. The frappe is loved internationally with regional variations like: Adzuki (red bean) Frap in Japan, Dulce de Leche Frap in Argentina and the Coffee Jelly Frap in the Philippines.
  4. The word frappe first appeared in the 1848 edition of American English Dictionary and is derived from the French word frappe meaning “to Chill.”
  5. The frappe was first sold in retail in the U.S. by a small Boston-based chain, Coffee Connection, in the mid 1980s. The frappe gained national popularity in 1995, when large retail chains started serving blended, frozen coffee beverages.


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Today’s Food History

  • 1806 Ralph Wedgwood of England received the first patent for carbon paper.
  • 1894 Oliver Wendell Holmes died. American physician, poet and humorist. Author of ‘The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table,’ ‘The Professor of the Breakfast Table,’ ‘The Poet of the Breakfast Table,’ and ‘Over the Teacups.’
  • 1950 Willis Haviland Carrier died. He invented the first practical air conditioner.
  • 1956 Clarence Birdseye died in New York. In 1924, Clarence Birdseye, with the financial backing of Wetmore Hodges, William Gamage, Basset Jones, I.L. Rice and J.J. Barry, organized the General Seafood Corporation. The birth of the frozen food industry.
  • 1962 ‘Sherry’ by the 4 Seasons is #1 on the charts