Here are today’s five thing to know about Fried Shrimp:

  1. Every shrimp is born male, then some mature into females.
  2. It takes 2 pounds of wild fish to produce one pound of farmed shrimp.
  3. Shrimp is the favorite seafood of Americans.
  4. The “Pistol Shrimp” can fire water like a bullet from its claw, producing an incredibly loud pop.
  5. The “Ghost Shrimp” is transparent, and therefore practically invisible in the water.


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Today’s Food History

  • 1883 Laurence M. Klauber was born. Klauber was an American herpetologist and inventor who was a rattlesnake expert. If you want to know anything or everything about rattlesnakes, see his book ‘Rattlesnakes: Their Habits, Life Histories and Influence on Mankind.’
  • 1913 The ‘New York World’ published the first crossword puzzle. Don’t forget to check the various Food theme Crosswords on the Food Reference Website!
  • 1937 Walt Disney’s first full length animated film ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ opened in Los Angeles, California. It ran for 83 minutes and cost $1.5 million to make.
  • 1998 Adelaide Hawley Cumming died. She was television’s original Betty Crocker on the Betty Crocker Show premiering in 1949.