Here are today’s five thing to know about Cereal:

  1. Dr. John Kellogg invented corn flakes in 1894, considered the first breakfast cereal.
  2. The ‘Kellogg’s” signature on corn flake boxes is the actual signature of Dr. Kellogg
  3. He originally hand signed his boxes to prove their ‘authenticity’
  4. The puffed rice cereal, Rice Krispies, were introduced by Kellogg’s in 1929.
  5. In 1941, Kellogg’s introduced Cheerioats(later renamed Cherrios) the first ready-to-eat oat cereal


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Today’s Food History

1804 John Wedgwood, the son of Josiah Wedgwood of pottery fame, founded the Royal Horticultural Society.

1849 Luther Burbank was born. American horticulturist, he developed many new varieties of fruits and vegetables, including the Burbank Potato (1873), the Shasta Daisy, over 100 varieties of plums and prunes and 10 varieties of berries.

1897 Dr. John Kellogg served corn flakes for the first time to his patients at his hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan. They wouldn’t be sold commercially until 1906.

1914 The Coca Cola Bottler’s Association was formed.