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Here are today’s five thing to know about Turkey Neck Soup:

  1. The turkey is named “Tom”, because Ben Franklin always teased “Tom” Jefferson for not picking the turkey as the national bird
  2. The turkey was never a staple for native Americans because they were seen as weak.  They were only eaten in times of famine.
  3. Turkey chicks have a tendency to drown on rainwater.  They become curious about the phenomenon above their heads, and look until they drown.
  4. “Legend has it” in the 1800’s they cross-bred turkey and chicken into “turken”.
  5. All major documents signed in the founding of the United States used the quill (feather) of a turkey for their signing.

Fun Fact:

An old American way to celebrate the end of Winter and the promise of Spring.

Turkey Neck Soup is pretty much what it says – a soup whose stock is made from turkey necks.

The tough neck meat helps make soups richer.


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Today’s Food History

  • 1843 Napoleon E. Guerin received the first U.S. patent for an egg incubator.
  • 1858 Hyman Lipman patented the first pencil with an eraser attached.
  • 1868 The Pullman Palace Car Company introduced the first railroad dining car.
  • 1911 RIP Ellen Swallow Richards, one of the founders of the home economics movement in the U.S.
  • 1945 Eric ‘Slowhand’ Clapton, singer & songwriter was born.  A member of the rock groups the Yardbirds and Cream.
  • 1987 ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh is sold to a Japanese buyer for $39.9 million.  There has been some controversy on whether it is possibly a fake.  During the 1990s more than 2 dozen Van Gogh’s have been labeled as fakes or copies.  Vincent Van Gogh was also born on this day in 1853.

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