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Today’s 5 facts about Tequila:

  1. Over 50 million liters of tequila are consumed in America annually.
  2. Studies have shown that consuming tequila can cut your risks of dementia by 37%.
  3. Some tequila is aged in barrels. Many are aged up to 30 years to create the perfect flavor.
  4. It also has a component that can help lower LDL levels, aka bad cholesterol

  5. A 1918 flu epidemic led to a tequila boom in Mexico. Doctors advised ailing patients to drink tequila, lime, and salt as a remedy

National Tequila Day

*Created in 2006 by Foodimentary & The Tequila Regulatory Council

note: before 2006 ‘Tequila Day’ was often celebrated on Jan 15, Oct 3 or Nov 13

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1802 Alexandre Dumas was born. French author (‘The Three Musketeers’, etc.) he was also well known as a gourmet. He also wrote ‘Grand Dictionnaire de la cuisine,’ which he finished a few weeks before his death in 1870, and which was published in 1872.

1910 The first publication of the Paul Bunyan stories of oral folklore, by James MacGillivray in the Detroit News-Tribune. A mythical hero of giant proportions who had an appetite to match his size. His camp stove had a griddle that was greased by men with sides of bacon strapped to their feet.

1936 The Army Subsistence Research Laboratory opened. It was devoted solely to developing foods for the Army. One of its first products was the ‘Logan Bar,’ developed by Paul P. Logan, used in the Army’s emergency ‘D Ration.’

1938 Nestle introduced Nescafe Instant Coffee in Switzerland.

1949 The largest muskellunge (‘Muskie’) caught with rod and reel weighed over 67 pounds and was caught in Hayward, Wisconsin.

1959 Then vice president Richard M. Nixon argued with Soviet Leader Nikita Khruschev while Khruschev was touring the United States. They were touring a kitchen at the time, and the discussion became known as the ‘Kitchen Debate’.