John-Bryan Hopkins

Founder of Foodimentary.

I am considered by many to be one of the original providers of information in social media related to food holidays and celebrations. Early 2005 I started my blog.  Then when social media hit, around 2007, my quest began to try and supply short-form, sharable content and it sort of worked!

My approach has always been that quick, accurate, food information has a place in social media. In a world where food blogging is communicated through personal experiences, often ego driven or recipes laden prose, I focused strictly on a niche in the marketplace.  A nifty name helps too. I truly believe in my “Just the facts Ma’am” approach to blogging. I am ever so humbled that millions visit my site and share my tweets and social media post daily.

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Tavi Juarez, the Foodimentary Gal. 

 Reporter At Large of Foodimentary.

“I love all things food and fun! Currently an actress based in Manhattan, I joined Foodimentary as media and food product manager in 2013. There is no better feeling than celebrating food events and interesting new food products.”

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