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Here are today’s five thing to know about Bologna:

Kosher or halal bologna is typically made with only beef, but sometimes made from turkey, chicken or lamb.


Bologna sausage, sometimes phonetically spelled as baloney,  boloney or polony, is a sausage derived from the Italian mortadella, a similar looking finely ground pork sausage containing cubes of lard, originally from the Italian city of Bologna.

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Bologna can alternatively be made out of chicken, turkey,beef, pork, venison or soy protein.


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Occasionally a slice of bologna is heated up so as the fat renders the round slice takes the shape of a bowl which may be filled with cheese or other fillings.


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Sometimes referred to as garlic bologna, German sausage differs from traditional bologna due to various seasonings, most typically garlic being added to the recipe.


Today’s Food History

  • 1817 Hippolyte Mege Mouries was born. A French scientist, he invented margarine and patented canned meat.
  • 1836 Alonzo Dwight Philips patented the phosphorous friction safety match in the U.S.
  • 1861 The first transcontinental telegraph was completed and went into operation. Within days the Pony Express ceased operations.
  • 1911 Nathaniel Wyeth was born. A chemist and inventor, he patented the PET (polyethylene terephthalate). It was the first plastic strong enough to use to bottle carbonated beverages.
  • 1929 ‘Black Thursday’ – the first day of the panic driven stock market crash that precipitated the Great Depression.
  • 1939 Employees at DuPont’s factory in Wilmington, Delaware purchased the first nylon stockings for sale in the U.S. They were available nationally in May, 1940.