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Here are today’s Five Food Finds about Shrimp:

Every shrimp is born male, then some mature into females.


It takes 2 pounds of wild fish to produce one pound of farmed shrimp.


Shrimp is the favorite seafood of Americans.


The “Pistol Shrimp” can fire water like a bullet from its claw, producing an incredibly loud pop.



The “Ghost Shrimp” is transparent, and therefore practically invisible in the water



Today’s Food History

1883 Laurence M. Klauber was born. Klauber was an American herpetologist and inventor who was a rattlesnake expert. If you want to know anything or everything about rattlesnakes, see his book ‘Rattlesnakes: Their Habits, Life Histories and Influence on Mankind.’
1913 The ‘New York World’ published the first crossword puzzle. Don’t forget to check the various Food theme Crosswords on the Food Reference Website!
1937 Walt Disney’s first full length animated film ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ opened in Los Angeles, California. It ran for 83 minutes and cost $1.5 million to make.
1998 Adelaide Hawley Cumming died. She was television’s original Betty Crocker on the Betty Crocker Show premiering in 1949.