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Here are today’s five thing to know about Corn Chip:


The “original” corn chip is the Fritos Corn Chip, first sold in the 1930’s.


Frito Chili Pie” was invented in the 1960’s by Teresa Hernández, a cook at Woolworth’s lunch counter in Santa Fe.


A corn chip is a snack food made from cornmeal fried in oil or baked, usually in the shape of a small noodle or scoop.


Charles Elmer Doolin bought the patent for “Fritos” from a Mexican man for $100.


In some areas, it is popular to pour the chili into a bag of corn chips and eat the mixture directly from the bag.


Famous Last Words: “I just wish I had time for one more bowl of chili.”~Kit Carson(American frontiersman)

Today’s Food History

  • 1878 The 1st patent for a glass milk container was issued to George Lester.
  • 1924 Carl R. Taylor  patented the 1st ice cream cone rolling machine.
  • 1978 Sweden banned aerosol cans. (Think Redi-Whip or Cheez-Whiz)

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