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Today is also known as “National Pork Rind Appreciation Day!”

Here are today’s food finds about pork rinds:

Filipino chicharron made of pork rind,salted and deep fried

Pork rinds are crispy chips made from slices of pig skin deep-fried in lard.


Pork rinds are 70 percent protein and contain no carbohydrates.


Pork rinds (or variations of fried and roasted) are eaten around the world! Brazil calls them “Torresmo” and Thailand consumes “khaep mu.”


Rudolph Foods is the world’s largest manufacturer of pork rinds! They are located in Lima, Ohio.

Today’s Food History

  • 1872 Lafayette Benedict Mendel was born. An American biochemist who published various papers on nutrition. His work on vitamins and proteins helped establish modern concepts about nutrition.
  • 1884 Willis Johnson of Cincinnati, Ohio, received a patent for an egg beater.
  • 1914 William Burroughs, novelist, was born. He wrote ‘Naked Lunch.’