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Today’s Five Food Finds about biscotti:

The origin of the word, Biscotti (plural form of “biscotto”), is from the medieval Latin word biscoctus, meaning “twice-cooked/baked.”


In Italian, the word “biscotto” means “one biscuit” or “cookie.” Thus biscotti is the plural—two or more cookies.


Biscotti traces back to the Ancient Rome when Roman Biscotti was the most convenient food for travelers and the Roman Legion.


Because biscotti are twice-baked, they result in a hard and dry texture, but with a very long shelf life.


The first documented recipe for biscotti (Biscotti of Genoa) is a centuries-old manuscript discovered by 18th century scholar Amadio Baldanzi.

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  • 1809 Charles Darwin was born. English naturalist who developed the ‘theory of evolution,’ inspired in large part by his visit to the isolated Galapagos Islands. His works include ‘Origin of Species’ and ‘The Descent of Man.’
  • 1872 Silas Noble and James P. Cooley of Massachusetts patented a toothpick making machine.
  • 1935 RIP (Georges-) Auguste Escoffier  “the king of chefs and the chef of kings.”
  • 1961‘Shop Around’ by ‘The Miracles’ becomes Motown Records first million selling single.
  • 1976 The popular food coloring, Red Dye No. 2, was banned by the FDA because studies had shown it might cause cancer. Red M&Ms disappeared for 11 years because of the ban.
  • 2000 RIP Charles M. Schulz American cartoonist, best known for the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip.