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Here are today’s five food facts about Beer:


  • The bittering agent in beer, Hops, is closely related to marijuana.
  • Brown bottles are designed to keep beer fresh.




  • The average American consumes nearly 23 gallons of beer annually.
  • According to broadcasting regulations, American beer commercials are not allowed to show anyone consuming alcohol.




  • Obama is the first American President to brew his own beer.




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Today’s Food History

o    1727 Michel Adanson was born. Adanson was a French botanist who developed a system of plant classification based on physical characteristics. His system was opposed by Carolus Linnaeus, and was not widely used.

o    1857 A cold front barrels over the U.S. and snow falls in every state in the country.

o    1860 Will Kieth Kellogg was born. Founded the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Co. (later the W.K. Kellogg Company) to manufacture cereals (cornflakes were the first) developed by his brother John Harvey Kellogg.

o    1869 David Grandison Fairchild was born. An American botanist and agriculturalist, he was responsible for introducing many useful plants to the U.S. Author of ‘The World Was My Garden,’ and ‘Exploring for Plants’.

o    1933 The beginning of the end of Prohibition. On this day 3.2 percent beer sales were allowed in advance of Prohibition’s ratification.

o    1943 Mick Abrahams of the music group ‘Jethro Tull’ was born.

o    1948 The World Health Organization (WHO) was established.

o    1967 ‘Happy Together’ by Turtles is #1 on the charts.