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Here are today’s five food finds about Hummus:

  • Hummus comes from many different countries!




  • Dependent on the region, the original recipes vary in ingredients from olive oil to hot sauce. 




  • Hummus contains a lot of protein, which is an aphrodisiac! 




  • Because of it’s fiber, hummus will make you feel full. 




  • Lady Gaga is a fan:


I love hummus. I eat it almost every day and especially when I'm on the road.




Today’s Food History

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1637 I am not totally confident with the month and day, but supposedly, Cardinal Richelieu ‘created’ the table knife when he had the points rounded on all knives to be used at his table. Presumably so no one could stab him.

1884 Cyrus Hall McCormick died. He is generally credited with the development of the mechanical reaper

1958 Velcro was trademarked.

1993 The Red Hot Chili Peppers play on the Simpsons TV show.

2008 Robert Mondavi died at age 94. A leading Napa Valley vintner who helped establish California wines among the best in the world.