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Happy National Cappuccino Day


Here are today’s five things to know about Cappuccino:

Cappuccino was invented in Italy.


It was first patented by a man named Luigi Bezzera in 1901.


In Italy, cappuccino is traditionally consumed once a day with breakfast.


The steamed foam served with capuccino serves as an insulator and allows the liquid to retain its heat for a longer period of time.


Capuccino is rumored to have been named after Marco d’Aviano: a friar who led the resistance to the Turkish seige of Vienna in 1683. This rumor has not been supported by any historical evidence.

Today’s Food History

  • 1789 Elijah Craig distilled the first bourbon whiskey from corn, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
  • 1910 This is one for those who think the electric insect ‘zapper is a relatively new device. A patent for the first electric insect ‘zapper’ was issued to William H. Frost of Spokane, Washington.
  • 1974 London’s famous flower and vegetable market moves from Covent Garden.

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