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Traditionally Feb 21st is National Sticky Buns Day

Here are today’s five things to know about sticky buns:

Sticky buns are also known as cinnamon rolls and monkey bread. 


A sticky bun should always be made of yeast dough. 


Ancient Egyptians were the first people to add honey and nuts to their bread. 


In the UK and Canada, sticky buns are known as “chelsea buns” and contain raisins! 


German settlers in Pennsylvania created the modern day sticky bun. 



Today’s Food History

  • 1554 Hieronymus Bock died. A German botanist whose work contributed to the transition from medieval beliefs to modern science.
  • 1741 Jethro Tull died. He was an English agriculturalist and inventor whose ideas were instrumental in the development of modern English agriculture. One of his inventions was a horse drawn seed planting drill that sowed 3 even rows of seeds at once. (1701). The music group ‘Jethro Tull’ was named for him.
  • 1858 Edwin T. Holmes sells the first electric burglar alarm in the U.S., in Boston, Massachusetts. His workshop was later used by Alexander Graham Bell.
  • 1895 Carl Peter Henrik Dam was born. Dam was a Danish biochemist who discovered vitamin K in 1939.
  • 1927 Erma Bombeck was born. Writer, humorist, you will find some of her quotes about family and food on the Food Reference website.
  • 1931 Alka Seltzer was introduced.
  • 1985 Nathan Pritikin died. A nutritionist who believed that exercise and a low fat, high unrefined carbohydrate diet helped reverse his own heart disease. He founded the Pritikin Longevity Center in 1976.
  • 1989 The USDA approved ‘Simplesse,’ a low calorie fat substitute.
  • 1994 Whirlpool began manufacturing a refrigerator that was significantly more efficient, and did not use freon. Freon has been implicated in the destruction of ozone in the atmosphere.